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Season 2022 wrap-up

After an incredible season for our amazing club, we are so excited to announce that we have TWO TEAMS crowned Premier Champions: Team 1 (Rob) of Division 1 and Team 7 (Strollers) of Division 4.

Both finished top of the ladder in their respective Rounds of 18 (well 17 with the wash out), so please join us in congratulating them for all their hard work since pre-season way back in February!

As we turn our attention to the looming finals series, we have another huge congratulations to give to all teams who have made it to semis:

  • DIV 1: Team 1 (Rob, 1st) & Team 2 (Tom 2nd)

  • DIV 2: Team 4 (Will, 2nd) & Team 3 (Su, 4th)

  • DIV 4: Team 7 (Strollers, 1st)

  • DIV 5: Team 10 (Marcus, 4th)

  • DIV 6: Team 11 (Charlotte, 3rd)

For those who are mathematically inclined, that’s a third of the State League competition won by ANUWFC, and just over half of our teams into finals!

And we cannot forget to congratulate EVERYONE for such a stellar season back from COVID! Everyone gave it their all and we hope everyone is proud to call themselves an ANUWFC player already we are SO looking forward to Season 23, where we will just keep getting better and better.

Final ladder standings for all of our teams are as follows:

TEAM 1 (D1 Rob) - 1st TEAM 2 (D1 Tom) - 2nd TEAM 3 (D2 Su) - 4th TEAM 4 (D2 Will) - 2nd TEAM 5 (D3 Ash) - 7th TEAM 6 (D3 Peter) - 6th TEAM 7 (D4 Strollers) - 1st TEAM 8 (D4 Simon) - 5th TEAM 9 (D5 Suban) - 5th TEAM 10 (D5 Marcus) - 4th TEAM 11 (D6 Charlotte) - 3rd TEAM 12 (D6 Karta) - 9th

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