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Match reports 16 July 2023: perfect football conditions!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

NPLW (played on 13 July)

ANUWFC 1 - Tuggeranong United 4

NPLW Reserves

ANUWFC 0 - Belconnen United 0

State League 1

ANUWFC 2 - University of Canberra 2

Our first game back in what seemed liked forever. We did so much better than the last time we played UC were after going down 1-0 early.

We forced our way back in the game when Lena literally forced the ball into the goal with her body off a well placed corner.

Not long after Ash C received the ball at the top of the box and literally made the UC break her ankles before powerfully striking the ball into the back of the net.

We managed to hold the lead for most of the game before fatigue hit us and UC scored off a quick counter attack. Still a great result considering we’ve had a few weeks off.

State League 2 Carrots

ANUWFC 0 - Majura Margaritas 2

State League 3

ANUWFC 1 - Belsouth FC 2

Everyone gave a good account of themselves against the second placed team Belsouth FC. After going one down midway through the first half we went to half time one all after a great 20 metre strike from Emma Stannard that beat the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper to dip under the crossbar for the equaliser.

The half time break is our Achilles heel. We lost our structure for a considerable period in the second half. An innocuous free kick to Belsouth resulted in a second goal. We had our chance to level the scores late in the game with a couple of good opportunities, however, they went unrewarded as the final score indicates.

State League 4 Strollers

ANUWFC 3 - South Canberra FC 1

The measure of a great team is how they rise to the occasion and step up when it’s required. The Strollers do this admirably, however they also step down every so often. Today was such a day.

It was unseasonably warm as the top vs bottom of the table hit out commenced. Conditions were almost too perfect, and the Strollers struggled to connect their passes and settle their plays.

It took until the 39th minute for a goal to come, courtesy of an absolute cracker from Holly into the top right corner (or was it Gidley?)

Going into halftime just 1-0 up is not a position the Strollers usually find themselves in, but the opposition were defending strongly and seemed more hungry.

A goal to South Canberra just after halftime snapped the Strollers awake, and they returned to their textbook style of play - connecting passes from the backs to the wings, and putting balls through for the strikers to chase.

Lauren D put a left foot beauty into the bottom left of the goal in the 76th min, and the Strollers breathed a little more easily.

Holly (or was it Loz?) slotted another a minute later and the Strollers kept the pressure on. The mids and forwards peppered the goal but the South Canberra keeper saved shot after shot - including a beauty of a free kick from Irene.

Despite the backs being their usual staunch selves, CC had to move a couple of times, and we all sincerely hope this won’t result in an injury.


Score: ANUWFC 3 - South Canberra 1

Temperature: a touch too warm

Friendships formed by Lucas on the sideline: at least 3

Dog urine on Zan’s bag: more than there should be

Late hits from Sally: TOO MANY

State League 4 Runaways

No game

State League 5 Derby

ANUWFC Scooters 1 - ANUWFC Braids 0

After a marathon 13 weeks of football, it was finally time for the long awaited Div 5 derby and the point in the season where we would have played every team in the division at least once to give us a good idea where we stood heading into the business end of the season. Despite the standings, the Scooters would have been fools to overlook the dangers posed by our sister team, the Braids and thankfully there was no sense of complacency throughout the squad. With a quarter of our squad living their best lives on holiday in Europe and Colombia (with an ‘o’ not an ‘u’), the Scooters brought in three subs in pacy hitwoman Josie, midfield maestro Becca and the vivacious Jelly (awarded our POTM this week with an outstanding 50 points).

Making a triumphant return between the posts in the first half after breaking her thumb the last time she was in goal was Caitlyn “Frenchy” Cutler who impressed with her command of the box and speed off her line. Communication was a key point of focus in the prematch team talk and the calls from the back helped project calm and positivity that fed the entire team. The Scooters started the game brightly as our midfielders Saf, Penny and Becca were able to probe the Braids with balls out wide to Rose and Gini who immediately faced off against probably the only 2 players in the entire division with as much pace in Nevinka and Raya. It was a difficult task to say the least to attack down the wings of the Braids, something that our wingers Rose, Gini, Sophie, Beth and Josie had the joy of attempting and it was a wonderful and well balanced duel that went on for almost the entire game without letting up. It was a good battle down the wings all day long and on the 10 minute mark, the Scooters showed how dangerous we could be when we can find our wingers in space as Zoe played a ball down the line for Gini to burst through and flash a shot that looked destined for the bottom corner but ending up just on the wrong side of the post. Consider that the first shot fired by the Scooters. Minutes later, we fired another shot with Gini down our right flank making headways and getting beyond the Braids backline, this time cutting the ball back across goal and our opposite winger, Rose, making a Scooters trademark run in support, getting to the ball but Maddie made an amazing block, preventing us from taking the lead. With the opposition fullbacks having their hands full with our wingers, our own fullbacks Charlotte, Zoe and Kirsten had some opportunities to push forward in support, with Charlotte having a shot on goal midway through the first half that was saved by Maddie in goal.

With the imperious Div 4 Sarah patrolling the Braids backline, it was always going to be difficult to supply our strikers Connor and Beth but even then they were able to hold onto the ball and progress it forward as we transitioned into attacks. The personal joy I experienced watching the Scooters expertly play out from the back on goal kicks is just indescribable. The confidence with which Tash and Emily brought the ball forward was incredible, our fullbacks and midfielders helping with their positioning and willingness to receive the ball. Alas, whilst we did not dominate the first half, we had created chances and looked confident throughout the half but it appeared as though we would settle with a stalemate going into halftime. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere Bec from the Braids burst forward from midfield and flashed a thunderous shot just past our post. Minutes to the halftime whistle, a Braids corner and scramble in the box forced a smart save by Caity who held onto the ball and our clean sheet, the Braids with their own warning shots.

The second half saw a planned change in goal, with Gini donning the gloves and similar to her fellow co-captain, was quick and decisive off her line and communicated brilliantly throughout the half. The sense after the first half was that it was still anybody's game and that the two teams were very evenly matched and that it might take a single moment of magic to win this game. And oh boy, what a moment of magic it was. A throw-in from the left by Caitie found Rose on the corner of the Braids box, turning the defender inside out and cutting it onto her right foot, Rose hit her 10th goal of the season into the top right corner of the goal in the 50th minute. 1-0 Scooters. Almost as if on cue, the Braids switched on the heat and had a 10 minute spell of dominance where they put us under a lot of pressure with multiple corners and crosses peppering our box. However, our defence held strong as Kirsten, Zoe and Caity locked down both flanks with help from the amazing efforts by our wingers to track back. Emily, Tash and Kirsten also kept the centre of defence solid with our midfielders Penny, Becca and Saf tirelessly running throughout the hot sunny day. All our midfielders doing a lot of the unglamorous dirty work, pushing forward to support the attack and tracking all the way back to help defence. At this point in the game, it was important to hold onto the ball whenever possible and this was where Sarah, having played a significant part of a Div 6 game earlier in the day, shined with her ability to dribble into space with the ball, crucially helping us advance with the ball to give our defenders a reprieve. While we had the lead, we had no intention of just holding onto it as indeed one of our co-captains authoritatively stated “Girls, we need another!” right after we scored. To that end, we tried to take advantage of the spaces left behind by the Braids pushing forward. We managed to find Josie out on the right wing in a couple instances in space. However, the sheer speed of the Braids defence quickly put immense pressure on Josie and she was unlucky with her efforts. As the Braids kept pushing for an equalizer, the Scooters were able to clear our lines and secure the win. A great game of football played by two lovely teams who know each other better than anyone else, it was a joy to watch but our commiserations to the Braids.

For the Scooters, it was a 4th consecutive win by a single goal, a clean sheet and importantly it was a performance where the fruits of our labours in training were definitely starting to show. Our forwards were securing the balls before progressing with it, helping us transition better. Our midfield stayed disciplined throughout the game, supporting the attack when possible without sacrificing our defensive solidity. Our defenders and goalkeepers communicated loudly and effectively, allowing for seamless covering and stepping up to apply pressure. Throughout the team, it was evident everyone was trying to take more touches and look for options before progressing with the ball. It has been a joy to watch this team develop and grow in confidence, which will hopefully serve us well as we head towards the pointy end of the season! Scoot scoot! Goal: Rose

State League 6 Kartapillars

ANUWFC 0 - BellaMonaro 1

State League 6 Sharkies


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