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REGISTRATION (including fees) As our club is affiliated with ANU Sport, there is a two-step registration process. Instructions for this process will be emailed to all successful players when trials are complete. 2023 ANUWFC Registration fees: ANU students State League = $380 NPLW = $386 Fee breakdown: Capital Football fee = $250 / $256 NPLW ANUWFC fee = $130 ANU Sport Fee = $0 TOTAL = $380 / $386 Non-students State League = $530 NPLW = $536 Fee breakdown: Capital Football fee = $250 / $256 NPLW ANUWFC fee = $160 ANU Sport fee = $120 TOTAL = $530 / $536 Your fees contribute to both the running of a season (field hire, maintenance of existing equipment, purchase of new equipment etc.) and the longevity of the club. See the Capital Football website for details of their fee breakdown. You will need to complete your registration no later than late March 2023 (date TBC). If you don't, you may be unable to play in Round 1 on 2 April. If you believe you will be unable to pay the total fee before this date, please reach out to us at to discuss a payment plan with our Treasurer, or apply for the Heather Reid Bursary. More information about the Bursary can be found in the next section. Registration is for the full season, as Capital Football charges ANUWFC for a full season no matter how many games you play. However, if you end up playing less than 3 games, you may be eligible for a refund from Capital Football and ANU Sport. Please get in touch with us at if this applies to you.

HEATHER REID AM BURSARY Heather Reid AM is a founding member of the ANU Women’s Football Club, being the first Secretary in 1978 and a significant contributor to the club as a player, coach and committee member. In 2015, Heather’s service to women’s football at local and national levels was acknowledged when she was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). As part of the 45th anniversary of the ANUWFC, Heather has offered to provide funding for the Heather Reid AM Bursary. The Bursary will provide financial assistance for ANUWFC players who require support with paying their registration fees. The financial components of the bursary aim to ensure that financial hardship is not a barrier to playing football. If successful, applicants will have the ANUWFC component of their fees (between $130 and $160) covered by the bursary. Find out more by going to the Heather Reid AM Bursary page on our website, within the Season 2024 menu.

UNIFORMS / KITS The basic compulsory equipment of a player includes: A JERSEY: ANUWFC will supply players with a jersey for the season. If undergarments are worn, the colour of the sleeve must be the same main colour as the sleeve of the jersey or shirt. SHORTS: ANUWFC plays in royal blue shorts that can be purchased from the club or from a sports clothing store. If undershorts or tights are worn, they must be the same main colour of the shorts. Shorts are noted as a compulsory item to be worn for matches. Ideally, club shorts consistent in colour which clearly unifies the team. Players can be prohibited to participate in matches if they are not compliant with the laws of the games. SOCKS: Royal blue socks can be purchased from the club or from a sports clothing store. If tape or similar material is applied externally it must be the same colour as that part of the stockings it is applied to. Shinguards Studded boots ANUWFC will provide some of the equipment required for game days. This includes jerseys, practice balls, bibs for substitute players, and a first aid kit for each team.

GAME DAYS All women's games are played on Sundays. Some games will be at our home ground on the ANU campus, and others at opposition home grounds. Kick off times will change in 2024, and we will update this page as soon as we have them confirmed by Capital Football. As a guide, last year's kick off times were: 10am: Divisions 3 &6 12pm: Divisions 2 & 5 2pm: Divisions 1 & 4 Your coach will no doubt ask you to come early to warm up and talk tactics, and every coach has their own preferences when it comes to arrival times. Make sure you check arrival time, and allow for travel time! NON-GAME WEEKENDS Throughout the season, there are some non-game weekends. We will add these here when Capital Football advises the season's fixtures. Games may also be postponed or cancelled due to wet weather, so keep an eye on the Capital Football website, and your team's group chat on game days. FIXTURES AND LADDERS Game information such as fixtures, results, and ladders can be found on the dribl website. We recommend you also download the dribl app for quick and easy access to your team's info!

TEAM COMMUNICATIONS All teams will setup a group chat with players and coaches. Having a group chat is important to organise social activities, drinks after the game, and letting everyone know of last minute changes on training or game days for you or your team!

INJURIES AND INSURANCE Unfortunately injuries can happen. Please see the Player welfare section of our website - under the Season 2024 menu - for information about what happens if you become injured.

PLAYER WELFARE If something in your team or around the club doesn't feel right, the first point of contact is always your coach. If you think your coach is not able to resolve the issue, is unwilling to do so, or you don't feel comfortable speaking to them about it, please contact our Player Welfare Officer Jaz at training or via All communication will be kept confidential and we will check with you before disclosing the information you provide to anyone else. See the Player welfare page for more information about welfare.

CALLING PROSPECTIVE GOAL KEEPERS! We always want more goalkeepers! Even if you've not been a keeper previously, if you are considering giving GK a go part-time or next season, get in touch with us! We will run a few GK sessions throughout the season for new and experienced GKs.

WANT TO VOLUNTEER AT THE CLUB? We are very lucky to have an amazing team of volunteers who run the club behind the scenes, making sure you can enjoy your season to the fullest. We always welcoming more help, so if you would like to help around the club in Season 2024 - whether on the Committee or in an informal way - get in touch with our President, Josie, via

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