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Behind every successful club is a great Committee. The ANUWFC Committee is the managing body of this club and has the important job of representing the interests of its community, to uphold the values of the club, and to further the goals of the club. 


The ANUWFC is a community club run by volunteers. The significant impact all committee members have - not only on the success of the longest serving all female football club in the ACT, but also the welfare of all those involved - cannot be overestimated. 

Think you'd like to try your hand at one of the Committee positions next year? Get in touch with us at and let's chat! 

The Committee is made up of Executive Members and General Representatives. 


  • President - Josie Chantrell

  • Vice President - Sarah Callinan

  • Treasurer - Farah Izzati

  • Secretary - Lia Taylor


  • ANU Sport Liaison - Natalya Catzikiris

  • NPLW Coordinator - Chloe Gray

  • Communications Coordinator - Kristin McKinnon and Kirsten Dolittle

  • Merchandise Coordinator-Rosie Hosking

  • Events Coordinators - Charlotte Blundell

  • Player Welfare Officer - Jasmine Law

  • Registrar - Becca Phillips

  • General rep - Dhinga Rubiano

  • General rep - Bree McFadyen


  • The Committee's role is to manage the affairs of the Club so as to carry out its objects. 

  • As per ANUWFC's constitution, all members of the committee have equal voting rights.

  • Attendance to monthly committee meeting is a requirement of the position, unless leave has been granted.

  • The Committee meets (face-to-face or via video) monthly, for approximately 2 hours to discuss the business of the club and resolve any issues that need the advice of the full committee.

  • The committee also discuss matters electronically using Facebook messenger or emails.

  • Each committee member has a job, known as their portfolio, for which they have responsibility.

  • All committee members are also expected to provide general assistance in other areas if required.


There are several sub-committees within the Committee. These sub-committees manage specific areas of the club during the season. Current sub-committees are: 

  • NPLW sub-committee

  • Sponsorships sub-committee

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