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Match reports 21 May 2023: Home but not alone!

Updated: May 24, 2023


ANUWFC 2 - Belconnen United FC 2

NPLW Reserves

ANUWFC 1 - Belconnen United FC 2

State League 1

ANUWFC 3 - BellaMonaro 0 (forfeit)

State League 2


State League 3

ANUWFC 1 - South Canberra FC 4

State League 4 Runaways

ANUWFC 2 - Belnorth FC Birdies 0

State League 4 Strollers

ANUWFC 0 - Laynon United FC 3

They say the measure of a team is how they handle defeat. We now know that the Strollers are magnanimous, humble, and austere in defeat. The team is known for its rough first 20 minutes, however today it was the first 90 that proved difficult.

There were real daddy vibes on the pitch,* and Kate’s highlighting of this in a potentially** belligerent and sarcastic way contributed to the team and the club’s first red card of the season.***

Down to 10 players before halftime, the Strollers soldiered on, battling an uncalled handball in the box, and repeated uncalled rough tackles.

The mids and forwards tried their hardest to push through, but a very deep playing sweeper got the better of them and the Strollers’ usual style of through balls up the middle were answered with clearing kicks and no reward.

This reporter looks forward to the no doubt lengthy post-match study of Capital Football’s conflict of interest regulations for referees, and a review of what retracting a red card means when the offending team was forced to play just 10 players the majority of the match.

Full credit to CC and the backline who ran their hearts out and kept the score to just 3-0.

*Literally, the ref was one of the Lanyon players’ dad


***Or maybe not, since the ref retracted it post-match


Score: ANUWFC 0 - Lanyon 3

Number of parents on the pitch: 1

Uncalled fouls: ♾️

Cards not given to Lanyon players: 27

State League 5 Braids


State League 5 Scooters

ANUWFC 0 - Lanyon United FC 1

State League 6 Kartapillars

ANUWFC 2 - Belnorth FC Quokkas 0

State League 6 Sharkies

ANUWFC 10 - Gungahlin United FC Goal Diggers 1

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