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Match reports 2 July 2023: Is it hot or is it cold?


ANUWFC 0 - Canberra Croatia 5

Canberra Croatia recorded a second win away in as many weeks at South Oval against the ANU WFC. Brittany Palombi’s four goals highlighted a performance that placed her team level with Olympic on the table, while offering her the lead in the Golden Boot race.

An unfortunate handball less than ten minutes in forced Jordan King to point to the spot and hand Alice McNeil a yellow card. From the penalty, Palombi found the back of the net with ease. Her second goal three minutes later was a classic display of her skill, controlling the ball on the left side of the box before smashing a half volley into the top left corner.

Hunting for the hat trick, the Deakin captain finally got her reward 20 minutes later, with a free kick from distance perfectly dipping in the top left corner. Down three goals at half time, the ANU’s best chance had come from the only time they had been able to accelerate ball to feet in the first act, but Edith Fordyce-Croker’s effort from the edge of the box was parried away by Chloe Lincoln on the crossbar.

Back from the break, the home team’s hopes were shattered two minutes in, when Isabella Barac and her poacher’s instinct kicked in to beat Claire Joseph from point blank range.

Palombi’s fourth goal of the day, five minutes later, showed an ANU team obviously rattled forgetting to even defend on a quick corner kick the left footed forward played with Diane Wilson. With all the time in the world to run in the box, Palombi launched a rocket that whistled past three players and left Joseph immobile.

NPLW Reserves

ANUWFC 1 - Canberra Croatia 6

State League 1

ANUWFC 3 - BellaMonaro 0

Forfeit win

State League 2 Carrots

ANUWFC 2 - South Canberra FC 2

State League 3

ANUWFC 1 - UC Stars 1

Another goal to Dorcas who ran on to a through ball and calmly put it into the back of the net. The game was very similar to our first-round encounter in that we had the better of the attacking opportunities in the first half and was unlucky to only go in at half-time one up. UC applied plenty of pressure in the second half which eventuated in a goal from a corner kick into a crowded goalmouth.

We had chances late in the game with consecutive corners. However, we were unable to capitalise on them. A big thank you to Madison, Bridget and Rin who kindly stepped in to play for us.

This week two players for player of the match couldn't be separated - Dorcas and Georgia - who both had strong games in their respective positions.

State League 4 Strollers

ANUWFC 5 - Belsouth FC 1

A shakier than usual start for our beloved Strollers today as they took to South Oval against Belsouth.

Kate managed to open the scoring in the 16th minute with a spectacular corner that would make Beckham proud, but that was the only joy the Strollers saw in the first half. While the passing was delightful, passes went straight to the opposition more often than to teammates, and Belsouth were hungry for the ball.

The halftime chat was a somber affair, with team manager Kat putting her cranky pants on, letting us know she wasn’t mad, just disappointed (which as we all know is much worse!).

Not keen to continue disappointing, the Strollers started the second half strong and the triangular passing up the pitch was delightful. A 10 min flurry starting at the 65th min, with Lauren D scoring a beauty and Holly managing two. Tragically, Kate missed an absolute sitter. Clearly feeling bad for Belsouth, she kicked it straight to the keeper despite it being 1v1. Dhigs rounded out the match with an 87th min delight.

As ever, the backline was staunch, and fought back against a number of strong attacks. The wings and mids had some textbook moments of play, taking the ball up the line and into attack.


Score: ANUWFC 5 - Belsouth 1

Passes to the opposition: 2828345

Tears following Kat’s halftime chat: only a few

Relief when the final whistle blew: palpable

State League 4 Runaways


State League 5 Braids

ANUWFC 1 - South Canberra FC 3

Coming into the game we had to feel good we'd run up the table after a disastrous start to the season losing our first 3 games.

But with 5 fill ins and 6 players backing up it was always going to be a challenge. And South Canberra came with some run that we weren't ready for early. In the 12th & 15th minutes, 2 through balls put us down 0-2. For the rest of the half we were much more composed. But in our box our 2nd keeper caught the ball and a penalty was awarded. One they sprayed wide kept us in the game.

Start of the 2nd half we found ourselves 3 behind after a corner & scrum in the box ended with the ball in the back of our net. 10 minutes later we replied after a scrum off our corner ended in the back of their box. The next 30 minutes we kept pushing but ran out of luck & legs. Finishing 1-3 to Sth Canberra

State League 5 Scooters

ANUWFC 2 - Majura FC 1

Time is an interesting, arbitrary concept. Two babies, one in Canberra and the other in say Pittsburgh USA, can be born at the exact same time, but have different birth dates. You can’t create time, you can use it or lose it. Time doesn’t have feelings or care about you, it waits for no one. Time as a concept in football is also interesting. Nothing of note could happen for the first 89 minutes of a game, and yet everything could happen in the final minute to make that game of football an interesting one. Or the opposite could also be true. Time is fluid, so too is football. A lot can happen in the first 45 seconds of a game, as the Scooters found out against Majura on Sunday. Were we surprised? Stunned? Shocked even? Maybe.

Football is without a doubt, a game of physique, of skill, of tactics but just as importantly a game of mentality and spirit. A team that can take the proverbial punch to the mouth and not only stay on their feet but start swinging back? That is exactly the kind of team the Scooters are proving to be. Recovering from the early deficit to tie the game before half-time before scoring a winner in the second half. However, even with a lead we were not out of the game yet and held on late in the game with forwards expertly holding onto the ball, midfielders hustling and harrying the opposition, last-ditch blocks of our defenders and the fingertips of our goalkeepers. The team spirit and effort required during this game is a testament to every Scooter, hence there are no individuals for this report, just Scooters.

It was Confucius who supposedly said: “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” The Scooters have and will fall down every now and then. However, possibly with scraped knees and bruises, we will keep rising.

State League 6 Sharkies

ANUWFC 6 - Belnorth FC 1

State League 6 Kartapillars

ANUWFC 2 - Gungahlin United 1

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