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Match reports 14 May 2023: Finally some sun!

Updated: May 17, 2023


ANUWFC 1 - Canberra Croatia FC 5

NPLW Reserves

ANUWFC 3 - Canberra Croatia FC 2

State League 1

ANUWFC 2 - Wagga City FC 3

State League 2

ANUWFC 3 - Majura FC Margaritas 4

High scoring game which provided an exciting match for all those that attended the mothers day match.

ANU Carrots played very well for most of the match and deserved way more for their efforts. With the Margaritas having 10 players defending, it was tough for the Carrots to breakthrough a stubborn defence which provided great physicality.

Well played to Majura FC; we look forward to the rematch!

Goal scorers: Own goal - assisted by Esperance A, Ash T - assisted by Lotte B, and Esperance A - assisted by Bronte G.

State League 3

ANUWFC 1 - Belnorth FC Belles 6

We were chasing the game early after two goals were scored against us in the first ten minutes. We lifted our efforts after the early setback, and had good attacking moments that led to a goal by Isha.

We had the momentum at the half time break. Our intensity fell away in the second half, and our good moments in attack were too few. The opposition found plenty of space and capitalised on it, as the score line indicates.

State League 4 Runaways

ANUWFC 3 - Belsouth FC 0

State League 4 Strollers


State League 5 Scooters

ANUWFC 3 - Belwest Foxes 0

Harry Potter had Tom Riddle, Anakin Skywalker had Darth Vader and the Scooters (formerly the Coconuts) had the SL5 Belwest team: an opponent that had gotten the better of us time and time again. But the Scooters are a different team than last year, almost as different as a scooter is compared to errr a coconut? One is a convenient mode of transport, popular with the youths but inedible, while the other is a coconut. Pre-match team news was mixed as the sudden good weather drove away some players, although Mother’s day celebrations could also have been why. Most coaches would be happy to have a teamsheet of 14 names, but a shortage of wide players meant Iris was brought into the gameday squad from the Sharkies to help us out.

One of the 6 absentees was our first-choice goalkeeper Elise, a pair of gloves so large to fill that 2 players were tasked with filling them! In stepped Gini and Liv, each taking a half in goals. The game plan for the Scooters at Latham playing fields was simple, starting a bit more conservatively with a very low press accompanied by a mid-block to force Belwest to go over the top. Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the start the Scooters had in the 5th minute as Tash found Rose down the right wing who burst through the Foxes backline before sending a ball across goal for Emily B to control before blasting past the keeper for her first goal of the season. Suddenly Belwest were chasing the game which suited our capabilities well as we were able to absorb the Belwest pressure and release our pacy wingers Sophie and Rose, as well as Iris and Gini in the second half, time and time again. Belwest kept trying to play through balls past our backline, which were expertly intercepted by Emily T and Tash, who were imperious in the heart of defence. Any balls that did squeeze through were immediately dealt with by Gini who was quick off her line. Asked to be more disciplined and hold their defensive positions more in this game, our wingbacks Zoe and Caity did an amazing job marshaling the channels and shutting down any wide threat and played it simple when they had to, releasing down the line for their wingers to chase. Two thumbs up for both of them, and a shoutout to Caity who returned from a fractured thumb and played a full 90 minutes at left back. Belwest did not have a sniff at our goal at all in the first half, in large part due to our industrious midfielders who ran and ran and ran and then ran some more. Penny, Saf, Sarah, Liv and Rhi were absolutely everywhere, closing down attackers, tracking runners and covering the entire ground. In possession, they were calm and played it to space or to the open player and as simple as that sounds, it really was just that. As Belwest started to push for an equalizer, it became apparent that their best players came through a single player (No. 2) and we quickly responded by placing Sarah and sometimes Rhi, on her throughout the game, sticking on her like gum in her hair. A tactic which looked to work as the Foxes started getting more and more frustrated. It might have been this frustration from the Foxes part which led to what looked like a terrible foul on Emily B, which resulted in herself and the Belwest player going off the field injured shortly before half time.

Gini in a moment of zen and contemplation, maybe wondering where her shin pads were.

1-0 lead at halftime, never a more dangerous scoreline some would say. The heat on the day was only ever going to rise and now down a couple subs at halftime with a change in goalkeepers, anything could still happen and the game was far from over. Admittedly, it did cross my mind, in the midst of a million ideas on how to keep the lead (and maybe build on it), to keep Gini in goals and have continuity there, particularly given how well she was doing and how well the defense was doing. Thankfully though, I often don’t listen to myself, as both Gini and Liv made HUGE contributions at both ends of the field in the second half. Catie helped direct the Scooters’ focus, pointing out the score was actually 0-0.

T'was a great sunny day for it.

The second half started very brightly for the Scooters as Iris found a lot of time and space on the left hand side and she daringly took on her opposite number several times. Gini on the right wing terrorized the poor Belwest left back numerous times with her frightening pace. Gini actually enjoys playing against Belwest, having scored 3 goals against them last season. The Scooters kept to the same script as the first half, looking to keep things tight in defense and midfield, before looking to hit Belwest on the counter through the use of our pace in attack. Indeed we were looking like a sure bet to score next as we had excellent chances in quick succession as a through ball found Rose one on one with the keeper before firing just wide and another excellent corner from Tash towards the back post was hit sweetly by Rose, only to be blocked by desperate Belwest defending. Excellent chances not converted could have been our undoing and at this point, things were still hanging by the precipice. As the game wore on, Belwest grew into the game, perhaps emboldened by their luck with our missed opportunities to extend their lead. Maybe they thought they could take advantage of our switch in keepers. Well they thought wrong. Although they started having chances, particularly through corners, Liv was an absolute wall, smothering shots and putting her body on the line time and time again. You could feel that the next goal was important, whoever scored it. Unfortunately, while Iris was an absolute spark plug of energy and verve out on the wing, she was fouled and taken out from behind and also had to go off injured. Down another player, the situation was precarious and getting a bit desperate for the Scooters. Short of wide players, Sarah was deployed as a winger, with Manny stepping in as a midfield destroyer. A wonderful example of players stepping up to the plate without complaint and performing wonderfully as Sarah surged forward constantly, providing width and support and Manny hassling and harassing opposition players, tackling hard and making interceptions. The Scooters perseverance and ability to face adversity shone through and was eventually rewarded as Tash found Rose through on goal in the 58’ minute and Rose executed a delightful chip over the helpless Belwest keeper. Absolute class. With that goal, the Scooters proceeded to control the game as Rhi, Saf, Manny and Sarah dominated and helped control the midfield in the second half, shielding the back 4 expertly and progressing the ball when we could. Tash, Emily T, Caitlyn, Zoe and Penny were composed at the back and knocked away any Belwest through balls and kept things safe at the back. At 75 minutes, one of our through balls found Gini out on the wing who just blazed past the entire Belwest defence before placing the ball neatly at the bottom far corner. Not to be outdone in goals and wanting to keep a clean sheet, Liv made an outstanding diving save onto her left as she did just enough to push away a late Belwest shot on target. An outstanding overall team performance that meant we had an outstanding result. The Scooters were composed on the ball and compact without, making plenty of forward runs in support of each other and working hard the entire day to put bodies behind the ball to protect our two keepers today. Complete team performance. Third win in a row. Scoot scoot!

Goals: Emily B, Rose, Gini

Lessons learnt:

  1. Make sure you have your boots; if not

    1. Have a teammate with a spare pair of boots that are in the right size; or

    2. Have a parent who can drive your boots to you

  2. Tape doesn’t always stick and cover piercings, maybe wrapping around the whole face might work

  3. More the merrier when it comes to having subs

State League 5 Suban

ANUWFC 3 - Majura FC Mockingbirds 3

State League 6 Sharkies


State League 6 Kartapillars

ANUWFC 2 - Majura FC Mullets 3

Something went amiss on Sunday against Majura. Both teams created tons of chances and displayed moments of high quality soccer.

Despite taking the lead twice in the game, the Kartapillars couldn't maintain it for too long and it ended up costing the team a win. It was an emotional roller coaster ride of a game for the players due to the ups and downs.

Despite it all, it was great to see everyone trying their best to get back into the game despite having 10 players on the field. The Kartapillars must keep their heads up and take the game against Majura as a learning lesson instead of looking at it from a negative standpoint.

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