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Around the Grounds: Round 17

Tough round to be an ANUWFC player. Overall this round we had 4 wins, 2 draws, and 6 losses, with a goal difference of -7 across the club (our first negative! Good time to pull that out when we have at least one team in finals for every division).

Unfortunately our Div 3 derby had to be called off early due to the condition of the field. We had an uncharacteristic nil all draw from Will’s team against UC, and a hard fought win from Charlottes Div 6 Sharkies, who are guaranteed a spot in finals.

This week's shoutouts go to EVERYONE for playing with some atrociously soaked pitches and terrible weather at times; keep holding on! Only a few more games before we start turning our attentions to Season 2023.

Strollers (D4) vs. Yass FC There’s only one thing sweeter than getting a moral victory: getting an actual victory while maintaining the moral high ground.

Two teams on winning streaks battled the weather, the mud, and each other in a match that could best be described as “unpleasant”. Only one left victorious - the sterling, staunch, skilled Strollers.

Cracking goals from Kate and Hannah gave the Strollers the lead, which Yass tried very hard to steal. Play was frantic at times, with the mud making it hard to run and the rain making it hard to see.

Attempts from Holly, Sarah, Merissa, Lauren D, Tash, and Dhigs went unrewarded, but kept Yass on their toes.

Half time saw the team looking like some “before” actors in a napisan commercial, and the second half didn’t improve the situation.

Yass clearly smashed some black rats at half time, coming out fiery and aggressive. Several of their more physical challenges on the ball looked better suited to a cage match than a football match, and a number of the Strollers ended up in the mud.

The defence were steadfast as usual, and the mids and wings were everywhere in attack and defence.

In amongst the physical abuse Yass managed one goal, but it wasn’t enough to best the division’s Minor Premiers!


  • Score: ANUWFC 2 - Yass 1

  • Score if any of the handballs or shoves were called by Yass’ “player ref”: 5-1

  • Number of washes it’ll take to get the kits clean: at least 3

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