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All ANUWFC players are covered by insurance, including games, training and trials. ANUWFC players have access to one of two insurance policies and the steps involved are outlined below. Please be aware that this information does not constitute legal advice or information.  

ANU Sport Insurance

How to make a claim:

Complete an ANU Sport incident report form as soon as possible after the injury occurs, and send to

  1. ANUWFC will provide the form to ANU Sport, who will make contact with you directly. 

  2. You will work directly with ANU Sport once you have completed treatment and are ready to claim. This usually involves completing a claim form (which may require information from a doctor).

Find an example form here.

Please review the ANU Sport Insurance Information Page for more information. 

Capital Football Insurance

How to make a claim: 

  1. Claims are made through the Capital Football website (insurance page). You will typically need to fill out a form, and provide supporting documentation including the referral from your GP, and any receipts.

  2. You can begin a claim and save it, returning to it later. You may find it helpful to begin the claim early, while the details are fresh in your mind. You can then upload further documents as you progress through treatment.

For more information, please review the policy summary.

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