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The winter season is finished so it's time to turn our attention to everyone's favourite summer activity: Summer 9s! 

The ANU Summer 9s competition is a nine-a-side, 20 minute halves, social football competition. It's held at a range of fields across Canberra on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 


Round 1: week of 16 October

Round 10: week 18 December

There will be 1 round of finals and the two teams with the most points in each comp will play off for the big prize. 


Draws are now available! To see your division within your comp, click on the relevant tab within the spreadsheets. 

Please note: there have been some minor adjustments to divisions, based on updated team nomination forms. We have done our best to place teams in appropriate divisions, and believe that all teams will be competitive in the divisions in which they have been placed. We will be watching scores in the first three weeks of the competition, and will make further adjustments to divisions as needed. 


Monday - mixed comp 1

Tuesday - women's + men's additional comp

Wednesday - men's 

Thursday - mixed comp 2

Friday - additional mixed comp


Want to referee and earn some cold hard cash? Express your interest in reffing Summer 9s here!


  • We will be running women's, mixed, and men's competitions.

  • There will be a maximum of 40 teams per competition, with 10 teams in each division. 

  • Teams will be organised into three or four divisions depending on ability and number of registrations. For this reason, teams are asked to nominate the skill level of their players (1-10) and previous competition experience on the Team Nomination Form to assist the organisers in grading.

    • Please ensure you provide accurate information on grading to ensure that teams are graded to provide a similar level of competition and increase enjoyment of the competition. 

    • The competition organisers will take into account the skill level, previous results, and any other relevant details they have at hand to determine the division assigned to each team. 

    • Any team found to be intentionally not listing players, or not listing accurate skill level in order to play in a lower division will be immediately moved to a higher division or - if there are no spaces available - expelled from the competition. 

  • ​For the mixed competition, Monday and Thursdays are separate competitions. You will either play on Mondays or Thursdays, not both. 


First game of the evening now kicks off at 5:30pm

Last game of the evening kicks off at 9:00pm


  • $850 per team

  • An additional $12.50 per player will be required for insurance for non-Capital Football players (i.e. people that did not play in the 2023 Capital Football winter or futsal competitions). This money is paid by players when they register through PlayFootball.  Please do not send this money to the Summer Comp organisers. 


Each team will be required to nominated 1-2 managers, who will be added to the ANU Summer 9s Facebook group. This group will be the source of all competition updates, draws, ladders, and results. 


  • Teams will only be required to referee games if the appointed referee doesn't show up. If this occurs, teams should referee one half each. 

  • While all venues have permanent nets, it is the responsibility of the first kick off teams to make sure nets are moved into the right place on the field.

  • It is the responsibility of the last kick off teams to move the nets off the fields as required. 

  • All teams are to provide a size 5 match ball. This ensures one is available as well as a spare. 


  • Managers are to use the ANU Summer 9s Facebook group to notify opposition, competition organisers, and referee of any need to forfeit.

  • Wet weather or cancellations will be communicated via this group also.

  • As it is such a tightly scheduled competition we are unable to facilitate game reschedules. In the event of field closures, games will be cancelled. Please see the wet weather policy below. 

  • Safety is determined by the referees. If a referee deems a field or conditions unsafe (e.g. lightning), games can be called off. In the event of an incomplete round for a division, the round will be called off.  


  • Games are played over 2 x 20 minutes halves with a five minute half time break.

  • Eight players take the field per team, plus one goalkeeper. Please be on time as referees will start games on time and games will not be delayed or time made up. If you are late, your game will be shortened. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your team will forfeit the match. 

  • Shin guards are compulsory. Players will not be permitted on the field without shin guards. If you make it onto the field without them and are injured, you will not be covered by insurance. 

  • Six players must be on the field or the game will be forfeited.

  • For the mixed competition, we are changing some out-dated rules to better reflect the nuances of gender, and remove any references to gender advantages in the context of scoring, or number of players on the field. 

    • Teams will be required to field 4 male-identifying players, and 4-female identifying players, while the remaining player can be of any gender identity, including those that are gender diverse. 

    • Any form of questioning someone's gender identity will be deemed as bullying and will not be tolerated in our competition. 

  • ​Teams must wear their nominated strip colour if they are listed first on the draw or white if they are listed second.

  • Goalkeepers must wear a different coloured shirt to both teams. The nominated strip colour must not include white, and the away white shirts must not include other colours.

  • Teams must nominate at least 10 players but no more than 18.

  • Regular football rules apply (FIFA laws of the game) except for: 

    • No offside 

    • Corner flags are not required 

    • No slide tackles. Slide tackles will result in an indirect free kick for the opposition.

  • The referee's decision is final.

  • Players that are cautioned (yellow card) will be required to leave the field for five minutes, but may be replaced by another player. 

  • Players that are sent off (red card) will be required to leave the field for the whole game and may face further disciplinary action (such as individual or whole team expulsion from the competition). Sent off players cannot be replaced.

  • Any acts of aggression will result in disciplinary action that may include loss of competition points and/or expulsion of a player or team from the competition. If any aggressive behaviour occurs, the referee will submit a report to the competition organisers.

  • Competition points will be awarded as follows:

    • 3 points for a win

    • 1 point to each team for a draw

    • 0 points for a loss.

  • Capital Football requires summer soccer participants to have an FFA number. You can to do this through Play Football. When you receive your nomination acceptance email, there will be information about how to join the ANU Summer 9s ‘package’ on Play Football.

    • You do not have to do this process when nominating your team. You only need to do it after your team has been accepted and you have been sent detailed instructions. 

    • Players who already have FFA numbers won’t have to do anything additional to be covered by insurance. 

  • ANU Summer 9s adheres to the Capital Football minimum age. Capital Football has advised that all players must be sixteen (16) years of age to participate in the Open Age Competitions (includes summer competitions and competitions where there is partial age exclusion). 

  • Please remember that this is a SOCIAL competition and should be played that way.

  • Teams should ensure their players act appropriately. 

  • Teams that do not play in the spirit of the competition may be expelled from the competition. 

  • Fun points: this season we are introducing fun points. This will be measured on sportsmanship, following of the rules, and overall how much fun a team was on the field. 

    • The team in each game that displays the most sportsmanship and spirit of the game will be awarded the fun points for that game by the referees after each game. The team with the highest fun point rating in each division at the end of the season will get a $100 visa gift. ​

    • If there is no ref for a game, each team will get 1/2 a fun point each. 


  • Teams playing should confirm the results with the referee at the end of each game.

  • If there are disputes that cannot be settled immediately, the team/s should lodge a written report to

  • Referees will record the number of goals and final score, as well as the names of any players given yellow or red cards. 

  • Additionally, for any red card offences, and any fights, a written report containing the same level of information as the injury report will also be submitted by the referee. 

  • Teams wishing to keep their own statistics about players who score goals should do this themselves. 

  • Referees will enter scores directly into a Google sheets document as soon as practicable after each match. 


Due to issues in obtaining insurance for injuries without match cards, all teams and referees should carry pen and paper to record injuries. If an injury occurs, minor or major, the referee should make note of the following:

  • Date and time of kick-off

  • Teams playing

  • Final score

  • Injured players full name

  • Name and signatures of both team managers and the referee

  • Details of incident

    • Example 1 – Jane Smith of Manchester United injured her left leg when tackled by an opponent. She had to leave the field and did not return.​

    • Example 2 – John Brown of Pink FC jumped for the ball and landed awkwardly, rolling his right ankle. He left the field but came back and was able to finish the game.

  • Email address or phone number of referee, only to be used if further information about the incident is require

  • If in doubt, write an injury report in case something flares up after the game. 


This policy outlines the procedures for handling wet weather during the summer soccer competition.


  • Rained out games will not be rescheduled.

  • In the event of the same competition being rained out on multiple occasions, fields will be alternated between Willows (the synthetic field) and South (the grass field) to ensure an equal as possible number of games across divisions.



  1. The coordinators will rely on advice provided to it by Facilities and Services and ANU Sport regarding whether fields are open and playable.

  2. If the fields are deemed unplayable, the competition coordinator will notify the affected teams and referees.

  3. If a game is cancelled due to rain, the teams will be awarded a point each.

  4. The competition coordinator will make every effort to avoid cancelling games, but the safety of the players is always the top priority.



The decision to not reschedule rained out games is based on the following factors:

  • Summer 9’s has a short season, and there is limited time to reschedule games.

  • It is difficult to find a time to reschedule games that works for all of the affected teams and referees.


By alternating fields between Willows and South, the competition coordinator can help to ensure that all teams have an equal number of games, and competitions placed on South or Fellows are not disadvantaged in the event of wet weather.


  • Nominations for the 2023 season are now closed. We had a whopping 180 teams register! 


Summer 9s 2023 is $850 per team. This payment can be made to the below bank account and must be paid no later than 2 October 2023. Please send a screenshot of payment confirmation to when you have paid - be sure to include your team name when sending the screen shot, and include your team name in the payment description. 

Please do not send the additional money for insurance to the bank account below. This money will be paid directly to Capital Football by players when completing their registration in PlayFootball. 

Account name: ANU Women's Football Club

BSB: 062-903

Account number: 1065 7866

Teams who do not pay by 2 October may be removed from the competition and replaced by one of the teams from our waitlist. 


Please direct all queries to, but please be patient with us as the competition organisers are not able to check emails everyday. 

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