Congratulations to all our 2021 ANUWFC players! Thank you all for your patience and hard work throughout the trials process. Now that you are on a team, you will be required to register. Players must register by Thursday, 8 April to be able to play in the first round of the season. All players should have received an email from the club including steps on how to register. If you have not received the registration email, please contact the club as soon as possible so that we can ensure that you receive one. If you are unable to meet the deadline specified above, please let the club know ASAP as we may be able to arrange an alternative registration pathway for you. If you are an ANU student and are unable to pay your registration fees upfront, please contact the club so that we can arrange a payment plan for you.

2 step process: 

BOTH steps below need to be completed to be eligible to play for ANUWFC. Your registration to play for ANUWFC will not be approved until you have completed all of the required steps and paid all of the relevant fees.

STEP 1 – Registration to become an ANUWFC member

STEP 1 – Registration to become an ANUWFC member

This step is done by registering through the ANU Sport portal and it includes payment of the ANU Sport Membership fee as well as the ANUWFC Club membership fee.

  1. Go to the ANU Sport Club Portal homepage:

  2. To complete the registration process, you will need to have an ANU Sport account. Click on the relevant link in the top right-hand-side corner of the page (either "LOGIN" or "REGISTER") to access or create your account.

  3. Once you are logged in to your account, click on this link to take you to the Women's Football Club page:

  4. Click on "Join or Renew". Select "ANU Sport Membership 2021 - $120.00". Click on the "Please Select" drop down menu under "Membership Type" and select the category that is relevant to you. Players who are not ANU students must select the "Non-Student (Associate)" option unless they are Life members of ANU Sport. Please note, as ANU students already pay for the ANU Sport Membership within their tuition fees, selecting the "ANU Student" option will reduce the price of this package to $0. If you try to select this option but are not an ANU student, your registration with ANUWFC will not be approved.

  5.  Select "Add to cart"

  6.  Select either "2021 ANUWFC Membership for ANU Students or ANU Sport Life Members - $52.42" OR "2021 ANUWFC Membership for non-ANU students - $76.42"

  7. Select "Add to Cart"

  8. Check that you have two items in your shopping cart: your ANU Sport Membership, and your ANUWFC Membership. 

  9. For ANU students, the total price of your order should be $52.42. For non-ANU students, it should be $196.42. If these details are correct, complete the checkout process by paying the fees. 

STEP 1 – Registration to become an ANUWFC member

STEP 2 – Registration to play in the CF Women’s State League Competition in 2021

This is done by registering through the PlayFootball Portal and includes payment of the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Registration fees as well as the Capital Football (CF) fee.

  1. Go to the ANUWFC PLAYER Registration Form - 2021 Women's State League. Read through the provided information and select "Get Started":

  2. Either sign in to your PlayFootball account or click "Continue" if you are new to playing football in Australia and need to create an account.

  3. Ensure that you are completing the PLAYER registration form, not the coach or committee form.

  4. Please only select the "Compulsory deposit for Strollers jersey" if you will be playing for the Division 3 Strollers team.

  5. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Ensure that you carefully read all of the Terms & Conditions before submitting your registration payment.