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You've no doubt heard your favourite podcasters or musicians spruiking their Patreon, and now it's our turn! 


Supporting the ANUWFC on Patreon will not just give you exclusive access to merch and event discounts, it'll also give you a warm feeling knowing you're helping a safe, friendly, and inclusive community club. 

Your support will help us ensure an equal supply of equipment and resources, including fields, coaches, and referees, and to invest in women’s leadership, growth, health, and representation.

It will help us provide a supportive and inclusive environment for our entire football community - on and off the pitch! 

If you played at ANUWFC - remember how much fun you had? Remember the camaraderie you felt battling it out on the field each week with your team mates? Remember the fun you had off the field with the women in your team? Help us create this for a new generation of players! 

If you didn't play at ANUWFC - we love you for being here and supporting women's football! It's so great to have you!  

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