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Trials info for 2024
Need additional information about 2024 trials? Look no further! The trials homepage is here!

Trials Registration:


Please note that to trial you must bring shin pads. Soccer boots/cleats are strongly recommended, but not required for trials.

Trials Schedule (times + locations for February):

All fields are at ANU: Fellows Ovals are co-located next to Chifley library, while South Oval is near the John Curtin School of Medical Research. Trials times/locations for March to be uploaded in late February. 

30 January - 4 February: Preseason! Come, get your fitness and ball touch back without the pressure of trials. On the Sunday session, bring your picnic blankets, zooper doopers, and soft drinks to hang out and catch up with your soccer mates (or meet some cool new people!)

6 February - early/mid March: Trials! Please see the schedule below for trials times and locations, and make sure you register ahead of attending your first trial. Please note on 13 February, we have been advised there will be coloured powder on the grounds from a previous event - please do not attend if this may negatively impact you (e.g. respiratory condition). 

18 + 25 February: Come & Try Sessions! Are you looking for a safe, supportive and fun environment to give soccer a go? Well look no further than our Come & Try Days! For the 2 Sundays following O-Week, rock up to a Division that suits your approximate skill level (including a skill level of 'no physical experience but I really enjoyed the Tillies at the World Cup') and start to learn! Some food/drinks to be supplied (but bring your own - have a picnic!), mini games, and word on the street is, even a super special female soccer boot manufacturer will be attending to try on some boots!

We understand that the 5.30pm session may be difficult to make on time. Likewise, we understand some people can't stay until 10pm. Unfortunately, due to field (un)availability for February (and possibly March), our only option to keep up with trials demand is to run the 3 timeslots. Timeslots have been shared across all divisions as equally as possible, while also taking other important factors into account. Do your best to make the sessions you can, and advise the coach/es of the division you are trialing for, or the Club, if you are unable to make sessions. No need to message if you're a bit late/need to leave early - just make sure you're checked in!

Trials FAQ:

I've never played soccer before, or haven't played in years - can I trial?

Of course! Any female-identifying or non-binary person is welcome to come trial. We have teams across all divisions, from NPL to Div 6. Due to limitations on numbers, we cannot guarantee a spot in any team. If you are new to the club we have come and try sessions on 18 and 25 Feb which are dedicated to new people to the club.

What division should I trial for?

Please know - you can change which division you trial with! Chat with the coaches throughout trials and they will help you target a suitable division. You are welcome to change your trial division at any time, just please communicate your movement with the coaches so they are aware.

In terms of the divisions themselves:

- National Premier League (NPLW) is our semi-professional league. It sits outside of the 'Capital League' (formerly State League) structure. We field a Firsts and Reserves team - reach out if you want more information on NPL!

- Capital League Women's (CLW - formerly known as State League) is the competitive women's football league in the ACT. 

- Divisions 1 and 2 are our most competitive teams that compete in Capital League (i.e. not in the NPL). This is a good place to start if you've played for a number of years, and/or at a higher level in your home city.

- Divisions 3 and 4 are competitive, but slightly less so and with a bigger focus on enjoyment. There is also further scope in these divisions for those with less fitness, ball skills etc than the top divisions. This is a good place to start if you've played in the past, but perhaps not as high as the top leagues.

- Divisions 5 and 6 are the lowest in the Capital League, but are still competitive. This is a good place to start if you are new or relatively inexperienced to the sport (but keen to learn!). 

What are you looking for in trials?

Please check out the 2024 Trials Selection Guide for a detailed run-through on what the coaches and executive are looking for in the 2024 trailing players. Some notable criteria include technique, upholding ANUWFC values (inclusivity, sports(wo)manship, community focus, and support for our players and coaches), mindset, and communication.


When do trials start?

Formal trials start on the 6th of February 2024 for State League, and we are aiming for all teams to be selected by mid March. Trials are held each Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Sunday morning. There will also be a “preseason” held from the 30th of Jan (on Tues, Thurs, and Sun) so that we can start working on our touch and fitness ahead of trials starting!


Where are trials held?

Trials will be held at the ANU fields, primarily Fellows Oval and South Oval.


Do I have to attend all trial sessions?

Attendance at as many trial sessions as possible is highly encouraged, allowing our coaches to better assess your playing, attitude, and commitment. If you are unable to attend a trial session(s), we encourage you to communicate this to the ANUWFC committee via email or Facebook Messenger. While not part of the selection criteria, trial attendance and communication of any trial absences will be an additional consideration for coaches when making selections.


I am not able to make trials, can alternative arrangements be made?

Due to demand exceeding places in teams and for fairness of all those trialing, we do not facilitate alternative arrangements to be placed in a team. It is necessary for coaches to see you in person to assess you against the selection criteria in the 2024 Trials Selection Guide.

While we highly encourage attendance at as many trial sessions as possible, we understand that there may be valid reasons limiting your participation. If you have a justifiable explanation for attending only a specific number of sessions, this will be taken into consideration in the selection process.

What do I do if I can't attend a trial?

Let us know! Shoot us an email or Facebook message, and we will note that you are still interested in playing.

How much does it cost to play?

2024 costs have not been finalised, however, it is expected that the costs will be slightly higher than 2023’s costing. In 2023 the student cost for the season was $380 for State League and $386 for NPLW. For non-students, the cost was $530 for State League and $536 for NPLW. If cost is an issue, we have some possible financial support available for those selected.


If I make a team, when will training be, and do I have to attend all trainings?

Trainings are held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the season. Timing is not locked in, but it is likely that there will be a 6pm-7:30pm, and 7:30pm-9pm slot on each night. It is expected that you attend at least 50% of training sessions (i.e. at least once a week). However, different coaches may have different expectations for their teams.


When/where are games?

Games are played on Sunday, and the time of the game will depend on which division you are in. The earliest games generally start at 10am, and the latest games at 2pm. The exact location changes week by week, but games are held in Canberra and the surrounding regions, sometimes as far as the coast! Half of our games will be played at ANU, as we play half home and half away.


Do I have to attend all games?

ANUWFC is a flexible club and understands that Sunday soccer may not always be the top priority! It is expected that you will attend most games, and communicate effectively with your coach about when you will be away. If you intend to be away for an extended period during the season, please include this in your trial EOI (which will be sent soon!)


What are the season dates for 2024?

The competition will run from 7 April – 1 September, 2024. However, our trials and training will start earlier than this as outlined above.

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