ANU WFC 2021 Sub-committee
descriptions & nominations

The ANU WFC has 4 sub-committees to assist with the efficient management of the committee's functions. 

Sub-committees in 2021:

  • National Premier League (NPL) sub-committee

  • Events sub-committee

  • Sponsorship sub-committee

  • Merchandise sub-committee

If you have any questions about any of the sub-committees, or the committee more generally, please feel free to email the committee ( or message the club's Facebook page.

National Premier League (NPL) sub-committee

Responsible committee member: ANU FC liaison officer (Alice McNeill)

The National Premier League Sub-Committee (NPL SC) is the right place for people who are passionate about bringing ANU WFC up to the highest level of football in Canberra. We are the largest women's club in the ACT, with nine teams across five divisions. With highly competitive teams in each division, we have nowhere to go but up. The NPL is a great system, with a competitive and professional atmosphere. This SC is an exploration of what is necessary for the club to move to NPL. Your role may include meetings with Capital Football, ANU FC, sponsors, junior clubs and coaches throughout the season.
The actual time commitment for this SC is flexible, and we can work together to make your role suit your schedule. We are aiming to form an SC of approximately 4 people for this year. The main thing we want from our members is passion for our club to continue moving upwards and onwards.
We are hoping to make NPL a possibility for 2022's season, so we will need a few assertive and passionate people to make that happen!

Thank you, 

Events sub-committee

Responsible committee member: Events Coordinator (Josie Chantrell)

The events sub-committee is the most rag-tag yet organised; unpredictable yet well-planned; fun-loving but also schedule-loving group of people ANU WFC will ever see. As the name would suggest, the event sub-comm is responsible for thinking of, scheduling, planning and running all social, sporting and fundraising events for the ANU WFC. 2020 was rough for events, and so with a wild and dedicated sub-committee of little minions, we're hoping to generate some innovative and frankly, incredible, ideas for a 2021 calendar. 

I'm looking for up to 6 people to help out with this sub-committee, and hit the ground running to start brainstorming events so we can get a 2021 calendar out there on the ASAP. You'll be a great fit for this sub-comm if you have ideas for the Club, and/or are fun-loving, dedicated and not afraid of (time) commitment.


This sub-comm's time pressures will ebb and flow, with the workload increasing each month as we approach each event. However, my intention is to spread the work among the six of us, according to capacity. Please don't be scared away! Work for this sub-comm can easily be done around your work, study and any other commitments (e.g. I work full-time and manage this role).

If you have any questions, hesitations or a kick-ass events playlist, please flick me a message/email! 

Xoxo Josie

Sponsorship sub-committee

Responsible committee member: Treasurer (Bronte Hunter)

A role with the sponsorship committee will involve writing and amending sponsorship applications, attending meetings with possible and existing sponsors and participating in general contact with sponsors or organising with others within the club. You may also spend some time researching and actively reaching out to local businesses who may be interested in sponsoring our club. Great opportunity to get involved with the club, develop your communication skills and meet new people both inside and outside the club. Can be very flexible in the role to try work around Uni and/or work commitments.

People: Looking for 2 – 3 motivated people to join this subcommittee!

Time: Approximately 2 hours a week although may increase if additional meetings etc are scheduled in specific weeks and during busy times, e.g at the start of the 2021 year and around June.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to know more, please let me know as I am more than happy to talk it through!

Looking forward to a great 2021 season with you.

Love, Bronte

Merchandise sub-committee

Responsible committee member: Equipment and Merchandising Officer (Nicole O'Donnell)

The Merchandise sub-committee is responsible for finding and ordering merchandise for the Club, as well as managing stock levels of merchandise.


Unfortunately there will not be nominations open for this sub-committee in 2021; however, if you consider you would be an asset to the merchandise sub-comm or are really keen to be a part of it for 2021, please send us an email outlining your reasons.