faq + runsheet

Q: Why are there split sessions?

A: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, each room at the Hellenic has reduced capacity. The Apollo room, the room we are holding presentation night in, has a capacity of 70 people. As we have over 130 players, we needed to hold split sessions to allow everyone to celebrate the end of the season with their team. 



Q: Which session am I in? Does it matter? 

A: YES it does matter! Again, due to COVID restrictions, you must attend only your session.

First session 6:30-8:30: Rob’s, Rich’s, Strollers, Simon’s & Sundeep’s.

Second session 8:45-11:00: Stu’s, Chris’, Peter’s & Char/Karen’s. 



Q: I’m in the second session, what do I do beforehand?

A: We have booked tables from 7:30pm at the Bistro Bar in Hellenic Woden for the four teams who are in the second session. However, if you would like to come earlier than 7:30pm you are very welcome to come and drink/eat at one of the many bars within Hellenic.

*Please keep in mind, any food/drink outside of the presentation room is not paid for by the club*. 



Q. I’m in the first session, what do I do after?

Unfortunately, we can’t book any more tables in the restaurant/bistro, as it closes at 9pm. The bar will still be open for your team to wander down and have a sneaky drink, we just can't guarantee a table.

Q: Is there going to be food/drink? 

A: Yes, there will be a selection of four food platters on each table (don’t worry second session, you won’t be getting leftovers, they'll be bringing out new platters for you)! The food has gluten free and vegetarian options, but unfortunately no vegan options due to limited selection. While there are food options, we can't guarantee that will be enough for you so we recommend at least having a nibble before/after!There will also be a set bar tab for each session (because of course there is).



Q: Do I have to be there the whole night? 

A: As the Hellenic is our sponsor (and have great food and cheap drink options), we encourage you to arrange with your team to hang out before or after (or both??) (see above answers at one of the Hellenic’s several holiday-esque dining and drinking locations. However, you do not have to attend outside of your session. We strongly encourage you to arrive as close to the start of your session as possible, as this will make things easier for us and also give you first dibs on nibbles/bar tabs.



Q: How will the AGM work? 

A: The AGM will be held in the FIRST session, AFTER the coaches’ speeches and awards. Due to the split sessions, we will be posting a Zoom link and encourage teams in the second session to tune in. This can simply be one team member with a laptop/phone while you’re eating downstairs. 


Q: How can I vote in the AGM? 

A: Each voter will need to access a Google Form link provided at the AGM Zoom meeting (including those in the Presentation room AND those Zooming in from downstairs). To vote, eac,  member will need to provide their email address, name, team and confirm they are a current club member - only then can they vote in the AGM. This will be done using mobile phones. ONE vote per player only. We will announce the opening of voting after the candidates' speeches are over, and the voting will close FIFTEEN MINUTES after opening. 


Q: How will the awards work? Will I still be sitting with my team?

A: Yes, in your session you will still be sitting with your team at tables in the Apollo room (prior/after your session you can be sitting with your team downstairs). The awards will be presented by your coach during your session.


Q: So what's the runsheet look like for the night?

2020 presos runsheet.png